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Hello ! Welcome to Caast

Hello {{CUSTOMER}}, welcome to Caast !

We are glad to start working with you 😃. In order to simplify your Caast implementation on your website, you will find here all the mandatory information in order to integrate Caast on your website.

Let's install Caast

This script is used to render Caast and all its features, you can choose to load it globally, or on specific pages.

To insert Caast on a page it is a really simple operation. This script can either be called via any Tag Management solution (Google Tag Manager, Commander Acts etc..) or directly in the HTML of the targeted page.

<script type="text/javascript">
// Caast integration for {{CUSTOMER}}
var APP_ID = '{{APP_ID}}';
(function (c, a, A, s, t, J, S) {
if (!a.getElementById('caast_library')) {
(c[t] = c[t]), (J = a.createElement(A)), (S = a.getElementsByTagName(A)[0]);
J.async = 1;
J.src = s; = 'caast_library';
S.parentNode.insertBefore(J, S);
})(window, document, 'script', '' + APP_ID, 'caast');

You can find more information about Caast library or Caast Landing.


If you want further informations about installing Caast Purchase Tracking, please click here

That's all

Caast is now ready to display lives, do not hesitate to have a look on our documentation to customize Caast to your usage or contact us if you have any doubt or questions about Caast.

Have a nice Live !

The Caast Team