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Version 4.600​

  • (feature): remove react from front widget resulting in 50% bundle size optimisation and better time to display
  • (feature): refacto the player for front in order to optimize bundle size
  • (feature): add new options for integration templates
  • (doc): update doc

Version 4.500​

  • (feature): introducing Caast Integration, a very granular way to display several widget on different emplacement easily.
  • (feature): refacto API to handle integrations
  • (feature): refacto front to handle integrations
  • (feature): update existing events to keep existing behaviour and add new ones

Version 4.200 πŸ“ŠπŸ“ˆβ€‹

  • (feature): introducing Caast Surveys, increase viewers engagement via embeded polls during your lives
  • (feature): optimize Caast Landing load time
  • (fix): minor fixes
  • (doc): update data and events

Version 4.100 β­οΈπŸΎπŸŽ‰β€‹

  • (feature): introducing Caast Collection, a new way to embed shorts on your website
  • (feature): revamp realtime experience to render a more robust and scalable solution
  • (feature): advanced work on async loading and files chunks to constantly optimize our bundle size and loading time
  • (feature): better time-to-render for our widget
  • (feature): migrate our style to css variables
  • (doc): update documentation UI/UX
  • (doc): add tutorials section
  • (doc): refacto contents

Version 3.5.0​

  • (feature): add possibility to have a homepage with slider per section
  • (feature): experimental but add low latency live, allowing you to lower latency to 4/6 sec
  • (fix): remove some dead code and useless colors and translations
  • (fix): UI/UX adjustements
  • (fix): minor UI artefact issue on window chrome

Version 3.4.0​

  • (feature): add new advanced methods to boot the Caast library
  • (feature): expose new methods and new events
  • (fix): fix mobile behaviour with Caast embed
  • (doc): update documentation to match new features

Version 3.3.0​

  • (feature): introduce Caast extensions, allowing partners to display contents inside our Caast Modal
  • (feature): expose new methods and new events
  • (feature): improved API cache
  • (doc): update documentation to match new features

Version 3.2.0​

  • (feature): caast now handle multiple product presentation
  • (feature): new UI and behaviour for on screen products
  • (feature): new moderation experience
  • (feature): improved API cache
  • (fix): refacto player integration in administration interfaces
  • (fix): better handle mobile interactions

Version 3.1.0​

  • (feature): add the brand new picture in picture experience, allowing you to navigate on site while viewing your live
  • (feature): add the share component inside Caast Modal, allowing your users to easily share a live throught different platforms
  • (feature): allow granular product override in API even if a product is connected to a product feed
  • (feature): new double tap interaction on mobile device, allowing user to rewind or forward a replay
  • (fix): performance improvements
  • (fix): unexpected behaviour on ios devices

Version 3.0.0 β­οΈπŸΎπŸŽ‰β€‹

  • (feature): new UI and complete rewrite of the Caast Modal experience
  • (feature): add the new portrait mode for your lives
  • (feature): add the reaction interaction, allowing your users to visually interact by triggering emoji on screen
  • (feature): implement our new video provider
  • (feature): implement a new video player
  • (feature): better responsive performance and a completely new mobile experience
  • (feature): improve cache on API

Version 2.4.3​

  • (feature): add fallback function after initial canLoadCaast internal behaviour. If no live is available for the current page, Caast will look in DOM for [data-caast-embed] and [data-caast-open] attributes. If nodes are found, caast will execute related methods caast.parse / caast.embed.
  • (feature): add new option for add to cart function in order to allow javascript interpretaion in order to be able to compute checkout url
  • (feature): implement base features for caast displayed in iframe
  • (feature): performance imporvements on live listing
  • (fix): on onepage website caast was calling a function twice on url change.
  • (fix): on landing page, triggering the caast modal on the highlight was causing a gray placeholder instead of keeping the video
  • (fix): sometimes a hidden live was impossible to load due to our canLoadCaast internal methods

Version 2.4.0​

  • (feature): update methods to open caast Modal via url parameters, this methods is now also available on the landing pages.
  • (feature): performance improvement for the landing page.
  • (feature): improve performance for products search in database
  • (feature): add a waiting screen while vimeo is encoding the replay of a live

Version 2.3.9​

  • (feature): add two new methods on caast instance, and caast.parse
  • (feature): reduce caast initial bundle size
  • (feature): optimize iteration on landing sections
  • (feature): optimize landing API response time
  • (feature): implement better debug mode options
  • (feature): add ability to add parameters to trigger specific actions on player via url view (documentation)
  • (fix): better implementation of time consumption with the differents players
  • (fix): reminder button was causing random page refresh
  • (fix): cookies functions were badly intercepting available configuration of caast
  • (fix): update outlook and macOS calendar generated files
  • (fix): random behaviour for autoplay on landing page

Version 2.3.0​

  • (feature): global loading ability. You can load Caast globally on a high traffic website without impacting your website performance.
  • (feature): add trailer to your lives, this trailer will then be disabled 15 minutes before your lives start
  • (feature): add autodisable for premoderation, like the trailer the premoderation will be disabled 15 minutes before your lives start
  • (feature): update UI for product detailed view
  • (feature): add dynamic entry to custom headers for cart data
  • (fix): whitelist parameters is now in strict mode
  • (fix): fix an issue with autostart on youtube lives
  • (fix): migrate emitter to xhr instead of websockets, also reduce collected data

Version 2.2.0​

  • (feature): split initial Caast script in order to reduce our impact on website
  • (feature): ability to remove cookies from differents video providers
  • (feature): more add to cart options
  • (feature): ability to choose a default displayed tab on Caast Widget Modal
  • (fix): random issue with muted video on ios
  • (fix): empty tab on live without chat/questions

Version 2.1.0​

  • (fix): minor feedbacks and bug issues after 2.0.0 release
  • (feature): advanced cookies methods available for GDPR compliance (documentation)

Version 2.0.0 β­οΈπŸΎπŸŽ‰β€‹

  • (feature): complete rewrite of the Caast Widget Modal UI/UX after a long period of exchanges and co-creation with our customers. Enjoy a new unified interface shared between desktop and mobile.
  • (feature): new custom video player for replays. The player now display visual chapters per products, allowing to quickly jump click to the presented product
  • (feature): better responsive performance and a completely new mobile experience
  • (feature): localStorage has been migrated to cookies in order to be compliant with GDPR, you can also set your own cookie lifetime via our administration interface.
  • (feature): completely new product experience. Caast now handle product variations and options with a direct visual impact on the product details.
  • (feature): advanced add to cart options, allowing Caast to handle way more ecommerce frameworks to properly handle a direct add to cart experience on lives and replays.
  • (feature): smooth integration with Lengow and Awin. No need to prepare products anymore in our interface, simply import them from your product feed platform.
  • (feature): drop IE 11 support, allowing Caast to drop a lot of weight and be as fast as light.

Version 1.81​

  • (feature): implement live preview feature, when a live is started, the thumbnail turn into a player with sound disabled
  • (feature): add better uuid generation when localstorage is enabled

Version 1.71​

  • (feature): rewrite analytics methods and add fallback when websocket is not launched
  • (fix): no events was triggered on related videos click

Version 1.61​

  • (feature): implement GET method and custom headers options for in live purchase
  • (fix): error with Youtube Player
  • (fix): better visual error for nickname

Version 1.51​

  • (feature): implement loader for landing mode
  • (fix): caastListing on Caast Widget method documentation is now marked as deprecated. You should now use use caast.js and custom configuration to implement a landing page
  • (fix): various UI and UX feedback for landing page behaviour

Version 1.41​

  • (feature): complete rewrite of the Caast Modal with new fullscreen feature
  • (fix): optimization of eventListeners
  • (fix): optimization for resize and mobile responsive
  • (fix): better cache management in API
  • (fix): remove dead code

Version 1.31​

  • (fix): error while changing Caast related video, question were not updated
  • (fix): problem with cache clear in API

Version 1.24​

  • (fix): issue with responsive caastListing on Caast Widget method documentation
  • (feature): implement method to hide a specific live from lives listing

Version 1.23​

  • (feature): rewrite event emission system for Caast Player

Version 1.22​

  • (fix): issue with related videos

Version 1.21​

  • (fix): issue while changing video provider

Version 1.20​

  • (feature): rewrite live provider class
  • (fix): minor error in message moderation

Version 1.19​

  • (feature): add custom code injection for caastListing. It will allow to inject custom HTML code in 3 differents parts of the caastListing HTML.
  • (fix): youtube was sometimes unable to load a video

Version 1.18​

  • (fix): prevent multiple instanciations of Caast libraries
  • (fix): remove dead code

Version 1.17​

  • (feature): add new widget method, caastWidget.loadListing, it will allow you to integrate in a few lines, a fully integrated WebTV experience on your website, please refer to documentation for details about this feature.

Version 1.16​

  • (fix): error while changing live provider between replay and live mode
  • (fix): minor responsive errors

Version 1.15​

  • (feature): add Facebook as available broadcast provider

Version 1.14​

  • (feature): extends configuration values
  • (fix): minor error with twitch provider

Version 1.13​

  • (feature): add new library, caastEmbed, it will allow you to diffuse a Caast live in your blogs
  • (feature): add possibility to handle configuration per device type (mobile or desktop)
  • (feature): add Twitch as available broadcast provider
  • (feature): add possibility to dynamically add product to your website cart.
  • (fix): remove some useless UI elements
  • (fix): optimize API response size

Version 1.12​

  • (feature): add new library, caastEmitter, to track specific product on a purchase page, please refer to documentation for details about this feature.
  • (feature): rebuild questions interface in admin
  • (feature): you can now load Caast widget and launch at specific timestamps or question id via url parameters
  • (feature): replay mode allow you to click on product to jump to first displayed time
  • (feature): new UI for nickname and implement GDPR consent
  • (feature): added possibility to override configuration per live and per URL
  • (feature): new UI for question moderation in admin
  • (fix): optimize API response size
  • (fix): minor error on live save
  • (fix): optimize statistics calculation time

Version 1.11​

  • (feature): migrate modal content to React
  • (feature): add new library, caastWidget, to include only specific Caast feature, please refer to documentation for details about this feature.
  • (feature): add new Caast Chat, realtime, full branded with custom events and lots of incoming feature ;)
  • (feature): migrate Caast config to state management library
  • (fix): optimize library file size

Version 1.10​

  • (feature): initial release of Caast Library