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Template - Landing

Caast Landing is a fully integrated experience to allow you, in just a few lines, to render your own media channel on your website. You have the possibility to choose to display all your lives on this page, but you can also target lives with specific hashtags. Just sit and enjoy the all-in-one Caast experience.


Caast Landing is an optimised experience regrouping our different blocs in a specific order to offer you the best possible experience for your users. The choice of blocs and the order can be totally edited in our administration interface.


Caast Landing is totally stylable via your own style declaration. You have the possibility to add styles override on the targeted page inside a classic <style> tag. You can also give us the style override, it will be directly merged with the final render, this option allow you to avoid editing the

In order to customize each bloc, please refer to the associated documentation: