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Hello ! Welcome to Caast

Caast Purchase Tracking

We are glad to start working with you 😃. In order to simplify your Caast implementation on your website, you will find here all the mandatory information in order to integrate Caast Tracking on your website.

Let's install Caast Purchase Tracking

You may also want to track users's checkout in order to track conversions on your website. This snippet must be placed on your checkout page, right after a user successfully buy something on your website.

With this simple snippet, Caast will be able to track your users orders, to establish proper statistics mixed with Caast analytics. To make it clear, if a user watched a live and bought something, it will be available on Caast analytics, so we really recommend to implement this script to clearly identify your data and better track your ROI.


This example is using static data, you must pass dynamic data to Caast, retrieved from the current checkout process

<script type="text/javascript">
// Caast Purchase Tracking integration for {{CUSTOMER}}
(function (c, a, A, s, t, j, S) {
'caastEmitter' in c ||
((c.caastEmitter = function () {
(c.caastEmitter.q = []));
(j = a.createElement(A)), (S = a.getElementsByTagName(A)[0]);
j.src = s;
j.async = 1;
S.parentNode.insertBefore(j, S);
})(window, document, 'script', '', 'caastEmitter');
caastEmitter('init', {
'APP-ID': '{{APP_ID}}',
// This data must be customized for your site, but we expect at least a total and an array of products
// with at least those information.
caastEmitter('track', {
total: 499,
products: [
{ id: 'ref1', quantity: 1, price: 100 },
{ id: 'ref2', quantity: 1, price: 399 },

You can find more information about Caast Purchase Tracking here