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Trigger Library with url hash

In order to trigger some specific actions on the Caast Library, you can also add hash parameters to your urls in order to programmatically execute some of the widget functionalities. There is a default configuration for each of those hash naming but you can also customize each naming via our administration interface by editing those keys :

"hash": {
"question": "caast-question",
"jump": "caast-jump",
"open": "caast-open"

In order to trigger specific actions, you must pass some required data. You can find here all the necessary parameters.

Default parameter nameAction
caast-open/LIVE_UIDOpen Caast Library modal. UID can be optionnal but the event will open the first live available
caast-question/LIVE_UID/QUESTION_UIDOpen Caast Library modal and jump to specific question UID
caast-jump/LIVE_UID/SECONDSOpen Caast Library modal and jump to specified seconds

So let's say you add #caast-open to your URL, resulting with an URL like this one, and the Caast Library Modal will magically open.

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