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How Caast works

When Caast is installed on your website, we need to be able to identify a user uniqueness. You can choose to bypass this, and choose to remove user uniqueness from all statistics generated by Caast.


Note that you wont be able to identify if a buyer has watched one of your lives by disabling cookie usage

If you choose to enabled user uniqueness, Caast will store a cookie named CaastFgpData, this cookie contain a uniq id string based on the timestamp a user first visit the page coupled to an algorithm generating a uniq identifier. This cookie contain no sensible data and did not store informations concerning the user personnal datas.

Once this cookie has been placed, it will allow us to identify a user when an other page is loaded or when a checkout occured on your site. (more infos on how to send checkout data to Caast)

What is collected

When Caast firstly store the cookie, we will send some non-sensible informations about the current user. Those informations can sometimes be unreliable but they are used as statistics informations on our side and are not used to identify a user uniqueness.

userAgentThe user agent string for the current browser
platformThe platform of the user's browser
resolutionThe resolution of the user's device
timezoneThe timezone of the user
languageThe browser language of the user

Note that those datas will only be sent one time and be associated with this user uniq id in our database. We won't be able to cross user informations between websites as the uniqueness is generated per site.

Once Caast is initialized, it will start gathering informations based on several events. All those events can be found here.

You can choose to send custom informations about your user (how to send custom data), but what you are sending is under your responsability. By default Caast is not able to identify and cross data between our informations and your users's database.

If you want to keep your own data on your side but want to retrieve and cross data from Caast, we offer a lots of emitted events allowing you to store data on your side wherever and whenever you want.

Advanced data collection

When using caastEmitter, Caast collects and stores data from your payment tunnel. All data collected is set by your IT department and Caast cannot be held responsible for the storage of private data as you are in charge of what is sent to our server. The collected data is kept 365 days. Caast is not able to cross data from your users database.

Visual data flow

The following graph can help you understand how caast can collect and give access to what is collected.

Caast Data collection flow