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Product Feed

Caast can use your product feed to manage your products. Product will be updated regularly with last informations provide in the feed.

We support different format:


You can use our application on Lengow. After configure it share to us the link given by Lengow

Google shopping

We support also Google shopping format (json and xml)

Custom format

If you want to make a similar format like Lengow you can make csv with this structure:

name|reference|parent_id|short_description|long_description |url|default_picture_url |price|is_available|store_availability|quantity_available|size|color|additional_pictures_url|brand|category|sub_category|sub_sub_category|sale_price|shipping_price|offer_id|proper_offer|best_offer|seller_id|seller_name|product_condition|material|gender|age_group|ean|club_price|discount_price_label

For other custom format contact us to check if it's possible.